Paddy our cat

So here is the only male in my life – apart from my son that is!

At times it’s like having another child or toddler in the household.  He’ll wake me up between 2.00 am and 3.00 am so that he can go outside.  Take last night for instance I surfaced drearily as he mewed to be let out but once he realised it was pouring with rain he backed away from the door! I really must get a cat flap fitted! He does have a litter tray which he uses at his convenience, though he can spend ages in there and makes such a racket.

I love his company and the feelings mutual much to the annoyance of my teenagers at times. “Why does Paddy always have to follow you around the house mum?” As I enter the door you can almost guarantee that Paddy will appear at the top of the stairs so that he has the visual view of who is at the front door. He’ll see that its me and will dart down the stairs almost missing a step in order to be greeted by myself.

He has his routines of whose bedroom he’ll stay in during the day.  If I’m at work and my son is home he will settle on the bed next to him whilst he is on Xbox or his laptop. My daughter seems to come bottom of the pecking order with Paddy, she gets quite jealous sometimes.  However, when Paddy does go in her room she usually ends up throwing him out because he discovers some paper work! He loves to sit in my sons window sill so that he can see the world go by. If only he could talk I think he would be the worlds best gossip! This window over looks the cul-de-sac that we are at the end of. My window over looks fields and watercress beds, so this is best for viewing other cats or birds! At night-time without fail, he will wait for me to settle down after my lights are out and he will jump up onto my bed and pad around until he finds the best place to sleep.  He has to lean up against my body somehow, usually my legs.

His worst habits are paper tearing! This started when he was a kitten when he loved to crawl into the cat basket for travelling and tear the newspaper into shreds. Despite the fact that he could go outside whenever he wanted. So I don’t think it was a boredom factor or attention  . . though now it can be attention seeking. His favourite is a paper bag, he will crawl inside it and sleep for a short while and then chew his way out.  This will keep him amused for hours! He has found my daughters homework before now and happily munched a huge whole in it. Of course teachers are never going to believe that one! I’m a teaching assistant and hear many odd stories . . So we have to be very careful about leaving paper work out of reach of Paddy as you can guarantee it will be destroyed.

Paddy is a great family member and has us all in fits of laughter at times especially when he plays hide and seek with us! We love him to bits.


4 thoughts on “Paddy our cat

  1. Hi, Catriona (I called you Kitty in my reply to the comment you left on my blog, sorry). This is a very nice post. I have a feeling that your cat is a spoilt cheeky monkey (in the good sense), just like my dog. They even seem to have similar behaviours, George too is a complete child, wakes me up in the middle of the night but rushes back in if it’s raining heavily, loves the company of his humans, follows me around and shreds paper 🙂 I’m looking forward to more posts about Paddy, and I might even try your chocolate biscuits. If you’re into cooking and like ethical food, you’ll find some nice recipes here:
    I’ve tested them, they’re really good.


    • Hi Didi,
      I reply to lots of names – Catriona, Kitty and Cat (because people were unable to pronounce my name correctly so they shortened it) 😉
      Agreed Paddy is spoilt in a pleasant way like your dog. Will blog in time with more stories about Paddy and add some about our hens . .
      Looking forward to more on your site and will look at your recommendation – thanks 🙂

      • I think I’ll call you Catriona, because I think its a beautiful name 🙂
        We’ve been juggling with the idea of keeping chickens for a while and might give it a go in a year or two. So I might pop back for advice on this. Are your chickens as spoilt as Paddy? I heard that they can be quite funny. 😉

      • Ahh thanks – pronounced K-tree-anna 🙂
        I’ll take some time during the week to write a post about them if time is permitted. Our hens all have great characters and we miss them hugely. I’ve owned hens for about 6 years but grew up with hens. However, we left them at my parents small holding as I wasn’t sure if the neighbours here would appreciate them. In time we might have a couple in the garden again. I suppose they were spoilt in to the extent that they were free to roam, definitely free range but not with food. I’ve never spoilt our animals with food, just love 😉 If you have room I would thoroughly recommend keeping hens.

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