Many emotions all rolled into one.

Having been riding a bike for over a year my son started his driving lessons last September. He was ready apparently to take a test by December I was quite surprised but then he’s had experience with his bike so I guess that’s helped him. However he failed his test with 2 minor faults and one major – he indicated incorrectly at a roundabout. I was relieved to an extent because I felt he hadn’t been driving a car for very long, well 3 months to be honest. Also he was expected to be the driver for a pub crawl two days after that .  . . Can you understand my relief?

So Christmas came and went and the lessons started again, his instructor said he should have been passed the first time around but I wasn’t going to complain. We put in for a test again, it had gone up from £60.00 in December to £75.00 in January! Quite an expensive increase in such a short space of time I felt.

Today was test day again, the half hour of his test was the slowest 30 minutes I have experienced. My daughter and I went shopping and she kept texting me at the point we were expecting to hear an answer, my heart kept missing beats. Then at 3.40 p.m he text ‘I’ve passed with no faults :D’ I showed the text to my daughter and rang him straight back. I was so excited, proud and absolutely delighted for him, I even shed a tear of happiness!


Next once the car is on the road I expect there will be anxious moments from me hoping that he sticks to the highway code and that others around him do the same.

6 thoughts on “Many emotions all rolled into one.

    • Yes , at least no more lessons and tests to pay for until Hannah starts to learn – few years yet. Though next month we will do the motorway driving experience for two hours.

      Thanks Paul 😉

    • Thanks . . Yes willing to let them fly, just a mothers instinct for that element of concern 😉 My son has been riding his bike for over a year now so quite used to him being on the road.

  1. Great news for your son, but I understand your worries, I have 3 boys myself, and my youngest who is sixteen in March wants to start learning to drive, I keep praying the will change the age for permits to 21, although I would hate to give the keys of my car to my 23 old. Send my congrats to your son..

    • Many thanks Carmel, it’ just another chapter or goal post in their lives to be proud of them. As babies you look forward that first smile, rolling over, sitting up and so the list continues. I’m not sure which is emotionally the hardest period of their lives, us not sleeping when their new borns or the teenage years when their spreading their wings. One thing I’m positive about is my love for them, my two have been pretty good and I’ve not had any hiccups that have been impossible to deal with.

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