Hiding Places

It’s been several years since I last spoke about our hens!

20150905_134644-EFFECTSOur latest are Speckled Hybrids and were born this year and purchased at point of lay. A term used for hens that will lay very soon.

It took Lacey and Spangle a while to settle in with the other 6 hens. They were such nervous little ladies especially as one of last years hens (Penny) would charge at them the minute they wandered near the food. I knew they had to find their ‘pecking’ order, quite literally and they weren’t being pecked at or drawing blood. So we had to leave them to it but eventually they settled and are running about with the rest of the brood.

In August my dad (who lives next door) knocked on my door. He said “I think you might want to go and look at the beans growing” To my surprise there was a small nest of little brown eggs! Lacey and Spangle had started to lay at last. However, having moved the eggs they didn’t lay there any more. The hunt began for their new nest.

A few were laid in the ‘traditional nest box’ with everyone else’s but that soon stopped. It was ages before I discovered their new hiding place – what a find it was too! 2015-10-11 08.51.48

I’d decided to leave two eggs there each time. For weeks they laid there quite happily until one of them became broody. So rather than sitting on a batch of eggs I removed them all. Fatal mistake – were they laying still or had they a new secret nest I wondered?

Today I spotted Lacey wondering aimlessly around and I 2015-11-15 10.18.08suspected she was about to lay. I kept walking backwards and forwards from the house to the outside barn where she was. I returned after half a dozen spot checks to discover she’d vanished. She had to be laying somewhere nearby – bingo I spotted her!

She’d found an old hen house which really needs chopping up for firewood


4 thoughts on “Hiding Places

  1. I have one that isn’t keen on the laying boxes… they are so sneaky and it isn’t always easy to find their favoured spot… and when you do, it’s often inaccessible or silly. Ah well, we still love having them around , don’t we?
    Do keep writing again… I’ve clicked the ‘follow’ button!

    • These are the first two that I’ve had over the years, that don’t. So it’s quite interesting to hear you’ve come across the same thing. However, as you say we wouldn’t want to be without them and their characteristics.
      Thanks and I’ll try to keep posting…

  2. So to the best we can figure, having purchased hens rather than hatching them, our hens are real close to 6 months old. for 4 days now two of the hens began to squat and now a third hen squats. There is only one left that doesnt. soon i suppose.

    • You’ll soon have eggs then! It’s so exciting.

      We’ve 8 in total but only 4 that are laying properly. Two are in their senor years and the bantams , well they have their own agenda. 😉

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