Practicalities of University life

My daughter started University this September. She’s living in Halls and shares a flat with two other students. They all seem to get on well and the sharing of the kitchen seems to be working.

It’s times like this I’m thrilled she participated in a weeks intensive course near Geneva. It was part of her Chalet Ski season which she worked at during her year off. She had to prepare 4 course meals for potential bosses and a power point to tell them about themselves. A 7 hour tough food hygiene course was passed and she”s pretty proud of that certificate, She accomplished so man2015-11-17 18.02.22y skills, too many to mention but returned with a few new dishes under her belt.

I’ve taught her to buy fresh meat and split the contents into single bags. Enabling her not to have to defrost the whole quantity of meat. Also the food serves a few more meals and less packaging means more space in the one freezer drawer she’s allocated.

Having done my personal food shop after work today, I find it’s just as beneficial for me to follow the same method. It took a while to remove packaging and split into freezer bags but worth the hassle. Salmon fillets, Aberdeen Angus mince beef and chicken breasts lay in a freezer below the summer fruits picked from the garden.


2 thoughts on “Practicalities of University life

    • I took her back again last night as she home for two nights. She hadn’t raided the larder as much as before but then Semester ends in another week.
      She was studying so much that she was forgetting to eat!

      Though I did receive a text after work to ask if I could pick some milk up as it was almost finished. 😉

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