The dreaded R A T !

I can hardly believe I’m actually writing about something I can’t bare!

The first night I moved here (to the small holding June 2014) I heard this scratching noise. Where was it? Right behind my head in the wall cavity! They, as there were several – kept me awake for hours. I dreaded going to bed it was horrendous! I could tell you exactly what time they went out hunting and when they went to sleep. I even knew when the babies were born!

I searched outside where I thought they were coming in and eventually found the bars of an air vent (into the bathroom) was broken. I suspected this was their entrance. I got some green metal mesh and using a heavy duty stapler dutifully stapled it all the way around the vent. I actually slept that night.

However they had a second entrance, this wasn’t discovered for months – yes I said months. We had bait boxes down whichRat were regularly checked and restocked. We spoke to the council who came out and gave us different bait which proved worse than our initial bait. As we’re on the border of two councils I rang the other who suggested a different bait which had proved successful in our area. It sort of kept them at bay but they were still sleeping in the cavity. I was at my wit’s end!

Their second entrance was eventually discovered when we built an extension for my parents. The builders were astonished at the size/width of the wall cavity in the Barn conversion – no wonder I could hear them running marathons!  Since the new building was added we’ve had no rats in the cavity – total bliss since September 2014.

However this evening, whilst checking the hens were in bed outside in the yard I heard that dreaded sound. I’m hoping it was my imagination but I’m convinced I heard one running up the wall. Yes I’m aware that if you have hens and compost heaps etc you’re bound to have them. Far betterrbait outside than in cavity walls – still can’t stand them though.

Gloves on – I’ll be putting fresh bait out in the boxes tomorrow once I’m home from work.


6 thoughts on “The dreaded R A T !

  1. I so feel for you. I have had rats outside before, but this is the first time I have had them indoors. And like you, the room they are getting in has cavity walls. The rest of my house is granite, but the utility room is a recent build. I had to pass through that room late the other night with my nightdress and coat on, because I had forgotten to close my greenhouse. A huge rat ran past my feet! And it is the noise they make! The scuffling, the eating etc.
    I am surprised you did not have a break down! They seem so sinister, climbing walls, doing impossible things, getting in where they are not wanted. Some one said they even come in through cat flaps 😦 I do hope yours stay away…and mine!
    Karen x

    • I so nearly did have a breakdown – it seemed relentless with no possible outcome.
      The noise is indescribable and so dreadful I hardly slept.I kept wondering if it would gnaw a hole through behind my head.
      I feel for you too Karen, mine are gone from the house but inside your room …agh!! Can you get the council/authorities in to help?
      Keep in touch let me know how you get on. x

      • I don’t know that I have ever been so close to something which made me feel so uncomfortable. and when I read of your experience I absolutely knew that I would have been falling apart trying to live through what you had suffered. Because rats seem to invade our spaces and seem to show no fear it is almost impossible not to see them as evil and sinister.
        Today, I found two dead ones in the garden, so the poison must be working. What I also found was that they had dug a tunnel into the big cat run I have and the only way in from the run was through the cat flap! The very thought of them coming in that way fills me with horror! And they came down from the roof space as well.
        In the past I have had them trapped in my wooden greenhouse where they have then gnawed at the door to get out!
        It seems to me that I am going to have to be very proactive in putting poison down all the time.
        Maybe soon, When all this is over, we will begin to discover that we have other things in common 😀 Fingers crossed that you never have to face this horrible problem again.

      • I’m not sure that a ‘like’ suffices your comment but added to show sympathy and support. Keep changing the bait often, I used to check the bait boxes every day when it was bad.
        The fact that you’re finding dead ones is a great sign – phew at last! I used to fill up any holes I found too, I was determined not to make it easy for them.
        Keep it going you can get through this and yes other passions are walking for pleasure and fitness and baking. 😉

      • Thank you so much for wanting to show support. It is ridiculous, I know, but I live alone after a recent divorce and the rats were just too much! I love walking too…..and baking. Tomorrow I am making miniature Victoria sandwich style cakes with ground almonds in the mix and flaked almonds on the top. I am sandwiching them together with marscopone, lemon curd and fresh raspberries. X

      • Oh my word – seriously me too!!! (Well not exactly recent 5 years ago now) The hardest part is dealing with the tougher manual labouring jobs outside – fixing roofs etc and putting posts in. They’re all too much for me. Grr I need to find a man to help with those jobs.

        ha ha not to the baking part but this is exactly the sort of thing I would bake. I adore making lemon curd too!

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