Flower arranging

Often first thing on a Saturday you’ll find me in the kitchen cutting stalks off stems for the vases.

I started years ago when I lived in a small village. I always marvelled at the arrangements in the local church and one day I was put on the rota to help. I was so nervous, I hadn’t a clue what to do but there was one lady Jackie in charge who assured me I’d soon pick it up. “I’ll teach you the basics” she says. She made it look so easy!

I watched her choose a few flowers. “Choose the colours you like the look of and cut off the stems like this…” I was told to put them in the front and then build the greenery up behind them. These displays were huge!wpid-20151120_204509.jpg

How mine ever looked any good I don’t know but I continued to be put on the rota so I suppose I can’t have been that bad.

Now living here I do them for the Holiday Cottage we own. Each time we have new guests arriving I display a new welcoming arrangement of flowers.  It was great fun getting back into it again and I hope that it brightens the room up for our guests.

However last night as I chose the flowers I encountered a smell that I couldn’t bare. It turned my nostrils inside out, so much so I had to abandon them outside! It makes me laugh thinking back because when I’d chosen them in the shop I’d noticed this smell but thought it was must have been a person that smelt. It wasn’t until I went outside that I realised I’d bought the smell! 😉

Our guests at the moment are staying for several weeks so these are actually for my kitchen this week.



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