Meet Queenie

This is Queenie, she is a white Leghorn and is about 7 or 8 years old. She is very much head of the pecking order hence her name.

Whilst everyone is taking a dustbath, sunny themselves or taking an afternoon nap Queenie is doing her own thing. She’ll have flown out of the pen and taken a walk around the estate. She usually investigates the vegetable patch first, I don’t think we’ve had many caterpillars this year, I wonder why?

If anyone is outside on the farm, she’ll be there. She has to know what is gwpid-20151121_155154.jpgoing on and will come over to greet you. Her favourite thing is when we’re digging in the vegetable patch – watch out worms you have no chance of surviving.

She loves it when we have guests in the Holiday cottage, children especially. In the summer families will sit outside for meal times with their toddlers in high chairs. That creates rich pickings for Queenie! The guests love her but often mistake her for a cockerel, I’m not sure that she knows this – bless her. 😉

She is very much Queen of the farm, rules the roost and with her new coat of feathers she’s looking the part.


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