I can’t help but smile at this young lady. She is a bantam so she’s quite small, light and easy to hold.

Speckle has the most amazing feathers on her feet which fan out. She is about 8 months old. She has started laying but isn’t proving to the best of layers. I’ve never owned a bantam that has been such a poor layer but she makes up for it in character. I am hoping though that the egg production picks up around February time as we’ve found out in the past.

I can imagine Speckle being a lady who’d love to go out for a coffee, she’s very sociable and loves to know what’s going on around her.



This is Sophie (another bantam), we bought her at the same time as Speckle and they’re around the same age.

She too has feathers on her feet and she isn’t amused when they get wet.

I’m afraid she wasn’t in the mood to have her photo taken and kept running off.

Sophie has turned out to be a real broody hen. I’ve lost count of the number of times she’s done this in the short time she’s been here. She’d probably make a great mum but we’ve not got a cockerel and for the moment I’m quite happy without one.


6 thoughts on “Speckle

  1. I don’t think we could have hens with feathery feet here – it gets so muddy. Sophie would hate it! All ours having been outdoor reared locally are used to the wet. I’m pleased to report that Tiffany is now feathery again (although there’s still some growing to do) so I’m no longer worried about her getting wet to the skin.

    • Oh I’m so pleased to hear that Tiffany has new feathers. They look so sad during their moulting stage don’t they. We’ve another moulting now..
      Both Sophie and Speckle were reared outdoors about 12 miles away, so quite local. Ha ha yes she’s alright with wet grass (just about) but mud isn’t her thing. Fortunately we have a large concrete yard area too where they can all roam.

  2. Oh Speckle is adorable! And I did laugh when you said she was the type to go out for coffee! But she is quite chic and stylish. I love Bantams and their dainty eggs 🙂

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