Breakfast in bed RATTY!

2015-11-29 15.55.03

This evening I found Ratties hideout! Agh – right I thought to myself time for a little breakfast.

Grabbed my wellies, a pair of disposable plastic gloves and green rat bait. First I stuffed a few bricks of rat bait down the hole followed by stones and clay. I drizzled water over the top so the clay forms a thicker layer. Then planted a much larger heavier flint on top.

I’ll have to check this each day now and anytime that it reappears I’ll keep filling them back in with more bait and stones. It’s worked in the past but just a matter of keeping on top of it.

I called in on my dad, and the pair of us went round the various haunts they used to hang out. We’ve several bait boxes out on the farm, so we filled them all back up. I found another very fresh hole outside my parents bedroom wall. The pair of us gave this hole the same treatment.

Interestingly the box near to the pond hasn’t been touched yet. They tend to drink at the pond once they start taking in the bait. So one to watch…


2015-11-29 16.16.35


I know this picture is a little dark but you can just make out the bait on the metal wire. We do this because otherwise the rat drags the bait out. The idea being we want the rat to keep coming back for more, this way we can monitor it a little better.

So ratty – breakfast is served.

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