Where’s the Wifi?

20151211_221709.jpgIt’s the bane of our lives, we can’t bare to be without it can we? Though many of us would like to believe the opposite.

Back in July the connection was fantastic and then the installation box for Fibre Optic was installed out on the roadside next to the main exchange for the broadband. Our connection began to go downhill. The Internet connection would drop and cut in and out at various times, not just at peak times.

I rang my provider  (very helpful) who sent out cherry pickers and various people to help overcome the problem. A line was frayed and water was getting in between the post and sitting on the frayed line. Great sorted – well for a couple of weeks.

After this there seemed no hope. Engineers had investigated and found no problem at all. They suggested I tried another provider to which I said I didn’t think it would make any difference. Anyhow as of today I’ve switched to Fibre Optic.

We’ve a holiday cottage here on the farm and my priority was to reconnect them using a wifi extender. I felt awful as it was 9pm when I knocked on their door! They’re staying as they’re stall holders for the local Christmas Market. As they’d not long returned I figured I could get away with it. They’re desperate for the Internet for business.

My french is weak having not spoken the language for a while but we understood the basics to our conversations.

Fingers crossed Fibre Optic lives up to its reputation.

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