Kitchen chicks!


The moment just had to be captured! 😉

The ladies (hens) never come in the house although Queenie has been known to occasionally. I’d opened the door as it is so mild outside at the moment the kitchen needed some fresh air. Then casually Marmalade wonders in followed by Penny and Spangle.

My daughter loved the moment too. Though we won’t be encouraging it as Marmalade took great delight in flicking mud everywhere she went.

You just have to laugh!


“Oops I think we’ve been rumbled.”

Food Frenzy


As the biggest foody day of the year in the Uk passes, its time to make the most of what is left rather than throwing the whole lot away.

A couple of sharp knives, a black pen, lots of small freezer bags and scales are required. I just slice off all the meat left (chicken and gammon) and weigh the meat before putting it into small bags. I thought this might be an easier way when using in recipes or grabbing a small amount for sandwiches, rather than having excess defrosting which you know won’t get used.

Next I chop up any fresh veg but especially onions and celery and throw them in the casserole pot with the chicken carcass. Add water, stock cube and let the Aga (oven) do the rest.


Some of this I whizzed up into soup and bagged. Some was bagged just for chicken stock for using in subsequent recipes at a later date.



Is there really any point in doing any of this? Monday morning arrives after the festive break – Help what can I take for lunch? Bingo, just grab a bag of frozen soup and a microwave container and a healthy lunch is done in seconds.