Kitchen chicks!


The moment just had to be captured! 😉

The ladies (hens) never come in the house although Queenie has been known to occasionally. I’d opened the door as it is so mild outside at the moment the kitchen needed some fresh air. Then casually Marmalade wonders in followed by Penny and Spangle.

My daughter loved the moment too. Though we won’t be encouraging it as Marmalade took great delight in flicking mud everywhere she went.

You just have to laugh!


“Oops I think we’ve been rumbled.”


2 thoughts on “Kitchen chicks!

  1. Before our chooks were confined to one end of the garden, they used to come and knock on the back door with their beaks – they knew that it was this door from which food emanated. Now they cluster and cluck-ter at the gate when the back door is opened. I suspect given half a chance they would be in and have their little feet up on the sofa, watching repeats of Chicken Run!

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