Freaky Frank Hour

In one hour minor mishaps seem to have occurred two of them down to Storm Frank.

Whilst hundreds in the Uk are suffering terribly with floods in and around their homes I feel I’m lucky not to have had this ordeal. My heart goes out to you guys but I did suffer a little drama.

I popped outside to shut the Ladies (hens) in for the night only to discover in the barn just outside their pen a ladder was strawn across the floor. Whilst my head was getting around this I noticed the metal wheelbarrow with chicken muck in, was upside down too.

There are two giant windows about 2m x 1.5m with a metal grid covered in plastic preventing the barn from most of the outside elements from coming in. As the frame is only attached at the top it acted like a hinge I suppose and knocked things flying. I’ve not known it to happen before. 2015-12-31 09.33.58 2015-12-31 09.35.17

My dad had been in there (he told me later) and moved an old wheelie bin (refuse bin on wheels) to prevent the frame from lifting. This in turn had caused havoc with the pecking order for the Ladies. Spangle likes to perch on the 14 foot high panel rather than sitting with the others at night. Moving the bin prevented her from reaching her post. She was running up and down inside the pen not knowing where to sleep. Sophie was squawking at her and Queenie appeared to be telling everyone off. The next minute Spangle flew to the perch everyone was on, sat on a few Ladies until eventually settling down next to Lacey. Humours chaos…

Back indoors I’d already started making a Passion Cake from a new recipe using bananas and pineapple. It was a little fiddly but I managed to get it into the Aga (oven) before going out to see to the Ladies. I took a peak at the cake on my return, it was partially burnt. I was surprised as cooking time was 60 – 70 minutes, this was 20 minutes into the cooking time! Slightly disheartened I moved it to the cooler oven as it wasn’t cooked through yet.

2015-12-30 17.08.52By now the rain was lashing at the kitchen windows and the wind was howling. It was pitch black outside. Then I noticed a large puddle of water on the work surface, where had this come from I wondered. I looked up at the window to see water seeping in from behind the closed air vents. There was a constant trickle of water coming in and not much I could do about it apart from mop up the puddles.

The rain subsided, the cake was cooked and the Ladies had all settled. Now all that was left to do was start making the dinner. Would I make the cake again? It tasted ok but not special, I’m tempted to bin it to be honest. I haven’t take a photo of it  (pride got in the way) as it looks a complete mess.

Frankly I’m relieved Storm Frank has fragmented. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Freaky Frank Hour

    • I feared that with our hens house too although quite robust as built from bricks and mortar but the roof leaks a little and is in near of repair. Whenever we have these strong winds I always fear I’m going to wake up to roof panels in the field.

      I hope you’re able to repair your roof panel today!

      As I write this now, the rain has begun again but coming from a different direction so the kitchen is safe today. I think it’ll be fine but I will get someone to come and help repair it soon.

  1. Frank did a number on our shed roof so we are just waiting for the rain to stop (it started just before Snail and I were about to fix on more felt – could have been worse, it could’ve started just AFTER we started). Chooks are not happy about the continual rain and wind but can’t complain as we don’t flood here.

    • Well done to Frank! 😉

      With you on the flooding matter, we’re lucky too. I certainly wouldn’t choose to buy a house on flood plains, it always surprises me when new developments are built on these! Why – they’re known as flood plains for a reason.

  2. Clearly I’m a city girl. I did not know hens could have such personalities … duh, I guess that’s where the term pecking order comes from. Anyway, glad you’re surviving the storms and thanks for the lovely images.

    • Oh each hen has their own definite quirkyness about them. They can be highly amusing or time killers . 😉 However the eggs are fabulous!

      Yes survived the storm thanks and hope all is well with you.

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