Newbies in the midst

I had a message from a friend asking if we wanted some new chickens. Often people refer to chickens as male and female but I wanted to ensure straight away that I wasn’t after a rooster/cockerel.

How old are they? Why were they getting rid of them? These are the questions that went through my mind.



They look as though they have healthy crops and their feathers look good.

They’re from a couple whose dogs I’ve walked a few times. They want them to go to a good home and knew we kept hens.

So why do they want to get rid of them? Basically they travel quite a bit and sorting hens and dogs out was proving quite tricky.

So I’ve said yes. Before they arrive I will have to pressure wash and disinfect our Ladies houses down, their perches and put new bedding in the nest box areas. I’ve had new hens joining the group before and found it’s actually easier to put the new hens in at night next to the existing ones on their perches. This way they all wake up together.

Years ago I used to separate them and put them in pens so they could all see each other and then after a few days I’d let them in together. Then a breeder suggested doing the other method I mentioned above – I’ve not reverted back since.

Our current Ladies have begun laying properly again so we’re getting about 4 or 5 eggs a day now. Even Marmalade, one of the older ones has! The two bantams haven’t started yet but I’m suspecting it’ll be February.


I’ll be able to start selling eggs again.