Safe and Sound

Last week I had to nip to the bank after work to deposit a business cheque. A simple task but I could never have envisaged my ten minute journey.

Standing in the middle of a grass roundabout was a colleague/friend on her mobile. As my mind absorbed that it was actually her, I took in the surroundings. There was her car 20160125_221934.jpgsquashed up beside an enormous white lorry! Her car had mounted the roundabout slightly and it was close to the entrance of a motorway.

I drove on to a car park. Stopped and looked through my contacts to ring her. Unable to locate it, I thought to myself I can’t just ignore her. I drove back, parked up behind the vehicles and all the debris and flicked my hazard lights on. Grabbed my florescent jacket and checked my colleague/friend was ok. No physical injuries but very shaken, I just gave her a huge hug and held her for a few moments.

Although she had things under control I supported her through her call to the breakdown company and asked if she had anyone coming to help. Her dad was on his way… I dialled the police again though stopped the call as I heard them on their way. We needed help because the traffic was building up as rush hour was approaching fast.

I checked on the lorry driver who was ok and a witness came forward. Her father arrived shortly followed by the police. It was time for my departure.

Today she came back to work and presented me with these flowers and a card. It wasn’t needed though I love flowers and they’ve brightened up the corner of my kitchen. Would you stop at the scene of an accident? Put your own safety first but sometimes a hug is all that is required to help a person through a situation.

10 thoughts on “Safe and Sound

  1. Oh, you made such a difference with your act of kindness. You were a good samaritan and did the right thing. We must all hope that there is someone like you there for us when we are in need. x

  2. cultivatingtime says:

    Those flowers are lovely. It was a really great thing you did. Being involved in a car accident can be a real shock. People can seem okay when they are not so you definitely did the right thing. It’s nice to be thanked for the support you gave.

  3. Yes, but you must be ever so careful !!! I have heard of so many terrible outcomes to the good samaritan…Make sure no one gets hurt. I would stop but I would be ever mindful of the surroundings !!! Accidents happen so quickly and I would never want anyone to get hurt ❤ Blessing to you and so glad no one got hurt. Please, please be careful ❤

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