Are these the keys to laughter?

I’ve never lived in a house that has so many outside doors until now.

As mentioned before I sold my house and invested into the family business. My parents moved out and I moved in – no I didn’t turf them out. They live next door now… Anyhow I’ve been saying to my dad for ages that he needs to sort out which keys are obsolete for months. They’re all hung up but honestly there are loads! Well today my dad underwent the task.

I arrived back from work, heard what he’d been up to so gingerly opened the area where they’ve been stored and sighed. There were still keys without fobs. How was I supposed to know what these keys were for, I wondered. Then I spotted a key which had a house name to which I owned about 15 years ago!

About a month ago Dad dropped a key. Both my parents drove to the various locations he may have dropped it, the doctor’s surgery, the dentists, the car park all in vain. Dad then spent hours at the locksmith a few days later whilst they tried to cut new ones (complex issue). A key was finally cut but it doesn’t fit. Well in this cupboard of keys I discovered a card that has the code for these keys to be cut – bingo! I knocked on my parents house next door and told them about my find.

The fobs left from old discarded keys.

The fobs left from old discarded keys.

Dad was absolutely delighted! I wanted to make sure the card was gong to be safely placed before he visits the locksmith again. (He’s 77 ┬áhas Cancer and Leukaemia sometimes gets a little muddled these days.) I said about the key to my old, old house to which he replied “Oh I found a key to Ellen’s (my sister) old house, our old house and an old one to the business” All these keys have been obsolete for a minimum of 10 years! I laughed and laughed and laughed – so did my mum!

I wonder if my dad was a magpie in a former life?