Walking Those Worries Away

Following a tough few days this week I needed to breath some fresh air into my lungs. I grabbed a slice of toast the moment I got in, changed out of work clothes and jumped in the car.

Winchester Water meadowsI wanted to walk off the beaten track before the daylight hours faded completely and headed through the gate…

I soon regretted wearing my trainers as the worn gravel path were covered in large puddles. They stretched from one side to the other. It was like walking through a maze!

It wasn’t the wisest of moves of the day. The light was fading fast and my pace quickened as I knew i wouldn’t make it to the end in daylight. I passed a man and his dog – now he was wearing sensible walking boots. Why didn’t I wear mine, I thought to myself. It didn’t matter really the fresh air was great and the stress of the day slipped away to non existence.

Once out onto pavements I was a littlestreet light relieved, I don’t think i’ll be doing that again in a hurry after work. I tend to walk on street lit pavements only at this time of the year. It’s safer especially if i’m on my own.

I’ve walked for years in the evenings. When my daughter was home I’d drop her off at the race track for her athletic training session and I’d walk, it was like my outside gym – far cheaper I might add. 😉 I’ve met lots of great people and you see lots of unusual sights.

I went through a stage of coming across incidents where my first aid/common sense came to the forefront. I helped a man in his 80’s with dementia who said he’s run away from his carer. He’d hurt his knee and myself and another passer by helped him to the main street. I’d rung 999 because he was very confused and I wasn’t quite sure how best to help him but couldn’t leave him where he was.

Another time I came across a man lying in the middle of the road. He was definitely drunk or high on drugs. It would have been dangerous to approach him on my own. Another chap (from athletics) came to help whilst I rang the police.  How could he be left there! A few bystanders thought it was amusing a started taking photo’s for social media but soon got bored. Meanwhile the drunk man had got up with some help and decided he fancied me – agh lol Anyway I wasn’t on my own and everything worked out for the best. The police soon arrived. I’d seen this chap a few times in town, he was known to the police.

In the high street on another occasion I came across a man who was having an angina attack. Two of us stopped put him into the recovery position and sat and reassured him help was on its way. The paramedics were fabulous – job done.

My walk was nearly at an end. I’d walked at a fairly fast pace, my cheeks were glowing and my heart slightly pounding. I turned the corner and the Christmas Market ahead of me sent a glowing feeling through my heart. It all looked quite magnificent lit up in the dark .

2015-11-25 17.12.47

No major drama’s tonight just shockingly filthy trainers and grid locked traffic. I walked 2 miles back into town and had a coffee whilst the traffic subsided before I headed home.