Day Five – blogging 201

20151208_223950.jpgAs the first week draws to a close and the relief that the weekend has arrived I tackled the task of the day.

I’ve managed to add the most viewed top pages to my header. It appears as a drop down menu. Ideally I’d have like it in the sidebar menu but I’ve yet to discover why this won’t work. I’d still like to add blogs that I follow but no idea why this fails to appear.

I’ve also added similar posts to the bottom of a read post with a thumbnail picture. I’m sure there are other widgets I’ve tweaked along the way.

My last task of the day is to shut down all ways of communicating for this evening as sleep is high on the agenda. Happy reading and blogging folks. 

Day three – blogging 201


I’ve been trying to give my page a fresh new look – yes the task for the day.

To begin with I was a little reluctant as I liked the look of my old page with the green header and silage bags in our field. I took the plunge and tried a few themes out. I have gone with a free one but looked a few of the paid ones too. I then spent ages trying to add ‘About’ me until the penny dropped. I just needed a break it seems…

I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with the end product but do feel it’s a step in a better direction – well for now anyhow. I need to tweak a few of the pictures from some of my other posts as they appear huge with this new theme but that’ll have to wait for another day now.