Spin That Wheel

Now and again I keep my eye open for a bargain. Well lets face it, we all like one.

Years ago my mum taught me to spin. I even made and designed a chair in Design and Technology to accompany my mums Ashford Spinning Wheel. Yes, I passed my O level in the subject. 😉

A newly found friend inspired me to think about taking it up again. She’d recently bought one. My mums needs a bit of TLC but nothing drastic. I looked online to find out how much they cost and was astounded to discover they cost around £300 – £500! Far too much to splash out on.

At the weekend I happened to call in at a local second hand shop. There in the doorway stood this wheel. It caught my eye straightaway. I checked it over and there were a couple of things that need repairing. How much was it – £40.00, that was all. I loved the colour of the wood and the fact it wasn’t new.



Well I had to buy it! 

I’ll call it working progress as I now need to purchase two things to get it working properly. I can call this wheel my own… 😉